Enewnow Countdown

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App IDa-countdown
Vendor IDxiaoju2
Launched02 November 2020
CategoriesBanners Countdown timer
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Benefits of Enewnow Countdown

About Enewnow Countdown

#About Enewnow Countdown Timer

#Set the countdown

  • Set a countdown clock that will show the time left till the end of a discount period or a special offer. It will build an impression of urgency and drive visitors to buy faster not to lose a chance.

#What happens after the countdown is over

  • Hides immediately after the countdown.

#Redirection button for swift purchase

  • Arrange the shortest way to purchase, adding a button that will redirect users to a required page. It will appear…
Set time with others

Set time with others

Setup save and install after opening the switch

Setup save and install after opening the switch

PC Style

PC Style