ACUMEN Integration Automation

Speed up order processing & product updates through automation while eliminating data entry errors.

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App IDacumen-integration-automation
Vendor IDweb-2-market
Launched30 October 2020
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Benefits of ACUMEN Integration Automation

About ACUMEN Integration Automation

#Order Export - Automatically export orders from Shopify to ACUMEN

  • Order Number & Date
  • Purchase Order
  • Shipping method & Charge
  • Taxes
  • Order Amount
  • Customer Billing Details
  • Shipping Details
  • Much more

#Product Update - Automatically updated in Shopify

  • New products added
  • Inactive products hidden
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Quantity in Stock
  • Specials
  • Category
  • Much more

#Order Status

  • Order status updated in Shopify
  • Tracking number added to Shopify
Order listing

Order listing

Export Orders

Export Orders

Products listing

Products listing