Easy Announce Bar

Announce Bar help you to display special offers, discount code, and events in your store.

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App IDannounce-bar
Vendor IDzendapps
Launched20 December 2017
Avg rating5
Total reviews8

Benefits of Easy Announce Bar

Display Special offers, Discount Code, Events, Information to your Customers
Show the announce bar on selected countries or all countries.
Display the bar on selected pages like home, collection, product, or custom page
Choose to display the bar per day like Every Time, 1 Time, 2 Time.. etc.
Customize the text Announce message, Purchased message, and Success message.

About Easy Announce Bar

If you want to display Christmas offers to your customers then Announce bar app will help you to display offers on your site. just install the app and configure the app text, size, font, and color according to your requirements. Click on the Save button to publish changes in your store. now your Christmas offer is displayed in your store.

  • Show your visitors the right message at the right time so they stay in your store longer.
  • You can display announce bar via country-based on your store.
Easy Announce Bar bars list

Easy Announce Bar bars list

Easy Announce Bar color settings

Easy Announce Bar color settings

Easy Announce Bar country selection

Easy Announce Bar country selection