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Step 1: Invite your suppliers
Step 1: Invite your suppliers

Your suppliers will publish their products on the app so you can easily list them.

Step 2: Import their products
Step 2: Import their products

One click import products that are published in the marketplace to your store.

Step 3: One click order
Step 3: One click order

Place an order to your supplier once you get a sale on your online Shopify store.

01supply helps you connect with your own unique suppliers.

So you can work with unique dropshipping suppliers like jewels suppliers, clothes suppliers, decoration suppliers, craftsmen,...

There are already a lot of website listing suppliers but that is actually not what you want.

You want to get connected with suppliers that provide local, sustainable, and quality products.

And that is what we do.

You sign in on 01supply and you can either invite your own supplier or choose one in our marketplace. And once you have an order in your store, we make it easy for you to pay your supplier and track the shipping.

In addition to that, we provide:

  • Quality label
  • Origin verification
  • One-click import of products to your Shopify store
  • Strong warranty

Everything you need to make a confident supplier selection.

And everything can be done for free.

Use 01supply in 4 simple steps :

  1. Invite your supplier thanks to the invite feature.
  2. Import their products into your store.
  3. Get sales
  4. Order the product from your supplier in the "Order" tab.

What is automated ?

  • Customer's delivery information is automatically sent to your supplier
  • Tracking information is synchronized with your Shopify orders
  • Import can be done in one click