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The next level of customizing product order form

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Upsell feature
Upsell feature

Help your customers reach check-out faster from any spot of the websites or blog pages you set up

Boost sales and conversions
Boost sales and conversions

Improve shopping experience and increase your sales as your customers can easily add items to the cart everywhere

Custom product order form
Custom product order form

Handle all you coding problems and customize your product order form beautifully with professional codes

Boost your sales with customized product order form

When you find your product page too boring with dull colors and lack of information, or the bounce rate of your website is too high in the case customers find it difficult to get to the checkout page, it's time to give your site a breath of fresh air. That’s the point where Super Embeds comes to assist.

With no programming skills needed, Super Embeds helps you add variant product options to your products, customize your product order form with regularly-updated beautiful palettes and fonts to match the style and colors of your brand, and then generate you an Embeds code that you can copy and paste to the HTML editor of your preferred platform.

On the Shopify platform itself, you can create quick alternative checkout links that will redirect your customers to the checkout page immediately when they have found their desired products. That’s the sign of your increasing sales and conversions.

Key features:

  • Combine product options to product order form, such as variants, vendors, availability, SKU, etc.
  • Update product details on Shopify without editing complicated codes
  • Bulk edit to save time when the number of products is considerable
  • Copy and paste automatically-generated codes to the HTML editor of your chosen webpage that you want to display


  • Improve customer experience, as they will no longer have to wait to reach the checkout page
  • Decrease the bounce rate at every stage of the customer flow of your website