Abandoned Tab Recovery

Bring potential clients back to your store with animated tabs

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Boost Sales with Idle Shoppers
Boost Sales with Idle Shoppers

Instead of losing customers, engage them through animated tabs, bring them back to your store and increase your overall conversion rate

Tailor Browser Tab for Impact
Tailor Browser Tab for Impact

Customizing your tab message with just a few clicks is a hassle-free experience

Shape The Customer Experience
Shape The Customer Experience

Choose the pages where your message will appear, customize the messages and set the animation as you see fit

In a world filled with distraction, you can easily lose your customers’ attention as they switch between different stores and social media sites.

If used properly, the browser tab can be a powerful tool to combat these distractions.

Abandoned Tab Recovery will strive to recapture these customers by highlighting your store and boosting your store’s conversion rates by turning previously inactive customers into sales. Boost your title bar with dazzling animations, attention-grabbing messages and flashy favicons that will inspire your customers to stay on your page.

Use Abandoned Tab Recovery to entice visitors to stay before they leave your store forever.

Our app works on all major browsers, including, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

The following features are included:

  1. Choice of animation styles: blinking, scrolling, typewriting & countdown timer

  2. Adjustment of the animation speed

  3. Fully customizable text

  4. Custom favicon with preloaded emoji icons

  5. Selection of the pages where the message will appear in the title bar

  6. Easy setup

  7. No coding required

  8. One-click installation