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Easily add custom code to the HEAD section of your store

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Insert code to <head> section
Insert code to <head> section

Insert code, scripts, styles, meta tags and more to individual or across all products, collections, pages, blogs and more!

Add anything you want
Add anything you want

You can add anything that belongs in the head section of a HTML page. This can include custom meta tags, tracking scripts, styles and more.

Easy to use dashboard
Easy to use dashboard

The app dashboard is easy to use, simply paste in your custom code, hit save and you're good to go. You can even pass custom parameters.

What is Add Head Code?

Add Head Code allows you to put extra code into the head section of your store without any coding knowledge. You don't need to get your developers to do this for you, use our app and you can do it yourself! It's as simple as that.

What can I add?

You can add anything you want that belongs in the HEAD section of a HTML page. You could add things like custom meta tags, custom styling, Javascript files or even custom made scripts.

This app won't automatically add these, you just simply need to paste your code into the app, hit save and it will apply it to your store!

You can also add things like:-

  • Website verifications (google, yahoo, bing etc)
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Pixel code
  • HTML, CSS, Liquid, JQuery, and Javascript
  • Scripts
  • Custom meta tags
  • Google Analytic, Google Tag Manager code
  • and more

What sections can I add custom code to?

You can add custom code to the following sections:-

  • Products
  • Collections (also ability to apply to all products within a collection)
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • Blog articles
  • Homepage
  • Site wide
  • Cart page

Pass custom parameters

If you need to pass a product url or a product ID to your code you can do so with our app.

As an example, some tracking code may need your product URL or product ID, you can simply pass these through to your code by using a simple parameter and our app will do the rest.

What if I want to add code that applies to all products

Don't worry, we've got your back. You can add code that can be applied across a whole section. For example if you want to add some custom tracking scripts to all products you can do so. You can then carry on adding code to individual products in addition to the product wide code.

This feature applies to; products, collections, blogs, blog articles and site wide.

Any other examples?

Lets say you're running a promotion for a product and you want to know how well it's doing? Well with our app you can add your custom tracking scripts to the HEAD section for that product and see its performance.

Or if you need to verify your store for example with Google, Bing etc, they require you to paste some code into your store's theme, you could use our app to save the pain of going through your store's theme files figuring out where to paste the code.

You could use our app and simply paste it in and save. It's that simple.

3 day free trial

You can try our app for free for 3 days!

One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!


If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We're always willing to listen to feedback and update our app.