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Spy Facebook and Instagram ads of your competitors

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Available worldwide
Available worldwide

We have gone beyond the borders of the globe to offer you an application in the 4 corners of the world.

Spy your competitors
Spy your competitors

Every day, we update over 100,000,000 listings to bring you fresh and high-quality data.

Simple and fun
Simple and fun

We have studied with SEA specialists in the world to offer you a simple and fun interface.

Spy Facebook and Instagram ads of your competitors to find your products and strategy.

AdSpy Master King is a great app for finding new product ideas to market.

Why use AdSpy Master King to spy on your competitors online?

Today, 95% of advertisers use social networks as their main source of traffic acquisition.

By analyzing the potential of their ads, access their articles directly and spot the product that works. If it corresponds to your audience, it will become a niche or winning product for you too! A great opportunity to copy your competitors, even in their marketing strategies!

What are the advantages of AdSpy Master King?

Access one of the world's largest databases of advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Available worldwide, you will be able to:

• Spy on your outsiders to better surpass them.

• Check if your product is not obsolete.

• Start your store with the product that hits the most.

• Find out what is available at certain times of the year and gather seasonal ideas.

• Know where to advertise for best results.

What are the features of AdSpy Master King?

• Search by keyword

• The type of social network used

• The typology of customers

• The type of advertising

• The number of likes

• etc.

Find an ergonomic very simple to use and to handle.

It is the essential application to save precious time and to find your future winning products very promising.

Download AdSpy Master King now and spy on your competitors' winning products.

an easy to use interface

an easy to use interface

spy and analyse your competitors ads on Facebook and Instagram

spy and analyse your competitors ads on Facebook and Instagram

analyse strategies worldwide

analyse strategies worldwide

browse thousands of ads seconds

browse thousands of ads seconds

available in multiple languages

available in multiple languages