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Inventory forecasting is a requisite for maximizing the profitability of your online store. Our app allows you to calculate required stock levels for the current and upcoming weeks, months, quarters and seasons based on it's analysis of targeted stock levels, sales, trends, and vendor lead time. By analyzing past sales, the app can approximately predict feature sales, required inventory, and purchase cost.


When it comes to what, how much, and when to reorder, we have you covered. Our app provides answers to all these questions by its data-driven replenishment recommendations that are based on projected future sales, suppliers’ lead time, optimal stock level, seasonality, and other factors.

ABC Analysis

ABC analysis is a powerful methodology to focus actions on products that generate the most revenue. The Inventory ABC Reports split inventory into 3 classes based on the percent of product sales to total sales. We help you identify your moneymakers, so you can direct more resources to those and maximize your ROI.

Low stock & Replenishment alerts

Set up instantly or scheduled stock alerts for low-stock products and products to replenish.

Inventory Analysis

Take back effective control of your inventory with detailed inventory reports that provide ready-for-action data: Overstock Reports, Stockout Reports, Dead Stock, and Inventory Forecast.

Reorganize Your Stock

It makes little sense to keep a stock of slow-selling items for months on end while you are low-stocked on your bestsellers for the current or coming weeks/months/quarters.