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Price/Quantity Breaks
Price/Quantity Breaks

Reward your customers by applying attractive discounts to Cart Value, Quantity, Store, Collections, Products, or even on the Grand Total.

Wholesale Registration Form
Wholesale Registration Form

You deserve the best! Create your Wholesale Application Form, Customize display fields in your language & accept the finest client only.

Smart Customer Segmentation
Smart Customer Segmentation

Apply multi-condition rules and categorize your wholesale customers with desired tags based on their buying history and behavior.


  • Juggling multiple buyers and keeping them all organized isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, the Advance Wholesale Pro App can eliminate all your difficulties in just one go.
  • It is an absolute solution you will need to manage all your B2B operations, with real-time connection to your customers. This will help you create tiered discounts for your Wholesale Customers and offer discounts across multiple buyer journey stages.

Moreover, we provide a bunch of other features included within the App namely:

Manage Discounts:

  • Create wholesale customer tag by setting up Minimum Cart Value/Minimum Cart Quantity, Discount Type (Fixed or Percentage), define Active dates, and much more.
  • Set up Price/Quantity break Conditions, Customer Tags, Type of Discount, and enable automatic discount functionality during the checkout.

Manage Wholesale Customers:

  • Edit or change your customers’ wholesale tags and automatically offer them discounts as per their purchase expenses.
  • If someone wants to be your verified Wholesale Customer, you can easily manage their proposals from the “Requests” section.

Customer Wholesale Registration Form:

  • Now you can design your Wholesale Registration Form in any language to acquire customers globally.
  • Enter desired text for input fields and create your input sections to display on the Customer Wholesale Form.
  • Don’t have a Terms & Conditions page? No problem. Just add your content in T&C Paragraph in the Wholesale Registration Form and it will reflect on the client area.
  • Once done with creating the wholesale form, you can check its Mobile/Desktop Preview in Admin Panel or directly in the Client Area.

Developer Configuration:

  • Add and enable the Announcement Bar in your client area. You can manage the announcement text and decorate it with text/ background color for the Cart Page.
  • Define the rules to set the position of your Price/Quantity Break Table on the cart or product page.

Email Templates

  • Want to send a customized email template to your resellers? Not a big deal with Advance Wholesale Pro App. Just add your message in Email Templates and you are all set!
  • Make your email template attractive by customizing the Font Size, Layout, Alignment, and Inserting Relevant Hyperlinks.
  • You can define your Store’s Name, Customer’s Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Full Name before sending the email template.