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Boost revenue with affiliates
Boost revenue with affiliates

Create a powerful connection with your affiliates. Let them promote your products, bringing you more traffic and sales.

Professional management
Professional management

Manage your affiliate program with our all-in-one professional platform. Automatic promotion link for your affiliates.

Clear and accurate data
Clear and accurate data

Monitoring your program with clear and accurate data. Real-time tracking of your affiliates’ performance. Show You the accurate statistics.

About Affiliate Marketing AffSpider

AffSpider is a high-efficiency affiliate and influencer marketing platform. With the all-in-one system, you can build a professional affiliate campaign and easily attract influencers from Facebook, Instagram, blog, or even your own customers to be your affiliate partners.

How AffSpider works?

  • Help your approach affiliates with convenient registration progress.
  • Provide your affiliates a unique referral link/a unique coupon code and they can share your products on websites or media platforms such as Instagram, Blog, Facebook, and so on.
  • Pay the affiliates with multiple methods of payment.
  • Track affiliate performance timely and provide clear and accurate data to both of you and your affiliates.

Why AffSpider?

  • User-friendly
    • You can start your affiliate program in several simple steps with default settings.
    • The affiliates can register to join your affiliate program conveniently within a few minutes.
    • Simple steps and quick response for both sides to manage the dashboard.
    • Multiple methods of payment to pay commissions, such as Paypal.
  • Professional management
    • Build unique referral links for your affiliates to promote your products.
    • Create unique coupon codes automatically for your affiliates.
    • Track the performance of your affiliates in real time and provide a detailed report.
    • Show the clear data to your affiliates, such as earnings and payments.
    • A powerful technique to prevent false data, such as self-referrals.
    • A well-developed system helps you calculate the commissions accurately.
  • Dedicated support
    • A fast and helpful response from our dedicated team will be sent to you within 24 hours if you send us your questions via email.