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Identify stale inventory quickly to take action!

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Identify Stale Inventory

Identify stale inventory at a glance with the age dashboard. Use this information to drive discount, cross sale and placement changes.

Unlimited Reports

Create reports as often as you would like. Use these to track items over time to ensure your products are moving efficiently.


We believe your information should remain yours. We don't collect store information or save reports, they are for your eyes only!

Age Dashboard & Report

Running your store without an aging report is like flying blind. Ask yourself, how long has that shirt been on the rack? Could it be a placement problem? A price problem? Without knowing the age you may never think twice about inventory that hasn't moved in months. When inventory hits a certain age it starts to take up space where newer and more desirable items could be. The aging report helps store owners and managers identify when something might need to be moved, marked down, or cross sold with another item.

  • Utilize the up to date dashboard to determine the age buckets of items.
  • Generate on demand reports for the ages of everything in stock or the entire store!
  • Take action by identifying items that have become stale and work to keep your inventory moving!
  • This is an actively developed application and is open to receiving feature requests and providing additional services.
Age Dashboard

Age Dashboard

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Download Modal

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