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Sourcing Request Free

You can create product sourcing requests. Our team will carefully review your request and make it right.

All-in-one solution

Provide sourcing, product listing, billing and other functions

USA Warehouse Shipping

We have USA warehouses and drop ship products directly from the USA warehouse.

Airlyle Fulfillment APP Features Product sourcing service Fulfillment service

Airlyle Fulfillment Service Convenient order fulfillment service, everything automatically syncs with your stores, import CSV orders is also available.

As fast as same day processing, shipping from US warehouse directly to your US customers.

Brand packing and insert available, quality control before fulfilling orders.

Track your orders anytime.

Customer support team 24/7 online support

How to Use Airlyle Fulfillment APP Easily Connect Stores: connect your store just in minutes.

Post Sourcing Requests: if the products do not exist in our APP, you can create a sourcing request, and we will take care of the rest!

Fulfill Orders Automatically: orders will be automatically synced to our APP, and you can choose the orders you want us to fulfill for you.

Pre-order Inventory with Airlyle Fulfillment and US Warehouse Shipping: to keep a full inventory could improve your order processing speed. For stocked products, we can process them as fast as the same day. You can order inventory as much as you can if we have enough stock. Additionally, we have our own US warehouses for order processing, you are able to stock inventory to our US warehouse and we can ship orders from the US to your US customers.

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