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AnalyticaBI is a Data Analysis, Business Intelligence company that works on providing businesses with 360 analysis in order to make growth as easy and reachable for them as possible.

Through our powerful dashboards, you’re able to see all of your shop’s data collected and visualized for you in one place.

AnalyticaBI is a user-friendly coding-free application. Users don’t need to have any coding knowledge in order to be able to read our dashboards.


  1. Automate Data Analysis: AnalyticaBI automated data analysis processes, and provides powerful dashboards for you to make decisions.
  2. Segment Customers: Because knowing and segmenting your customers, drives growth.
  3. Recognize what sells: Learning about each product and how it’s performing facilitates their marketing and sales for you.

Why AnalyticaBI empowers E-commerce businesses?

  • AnalyticaBI facilitates and automates data analysis for E-commerce; with a single click, the app extracts your shop’s data and visualizes them in a readable and understandable manner.
  • The Dashboards AnalyticaBI provide you with data about your customers which helps in user conversion and customer retention.
  • You’ll see data such as gross sales, total orders, canceled order amounts, your shipping cost in comparison to your gross sales, etc.
  • The application gives you insights into who your best customers are and you’ll be able to plan on how you’re keeping them.
  • Seeing all of your present and past data in one place helps you keep track of your shop’s performance and also helps you set realistic future goals of selling. And will also help you to make sure that you're on the right track towards reaching your goal.
  • We also show merchants their most sold products and their top returned ones.
  • If you’re a multi-store owner, with only one account you are allowed to connect all of your online stores to one account at very affordable pricing plans.


Our dashboards are very easy to understand Our dashboards don’t require any coding knowledge from your side; all you need to do is set up your account in less than 2 minutes and start seeing your shop insights.