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Sliding Announcement Bar

Amazing feature is developed to make announcement that is sliding announcing bar. Keep shoppers informed using Announcement Bar.

Display multiple notifications

Display multiple animated announcements, offers and special events to your store visitors, and keep them engaged.

Fully customization

You have all access to modify animation, Sliding, Font,Color etc. you may do concern setting as per your branding.

Using our app you can Improve this all and get more success in your business

  1. Improve conversion rate (5% to 10%) (Free shipping bar, Coupon bar)
  2. Increase average order value (20% to 50%) - (Free shipping bar, Coupon bar)
  3. Show urgency Improve conversion rate (5% to 10%) - (Countdown Bar)
  4. Show limited time offer Improve conversion rate (5% to 10%) - (Countdown Bar)
  5. Show informative bar - (Promotion Bar)

Our Main Features

  1. We have all different types of Announcement Bar
  2. You can show multi-bar with slider animation or text animation
  3. No coding knowledge is required
  4. It works perfectly on the Fixed Header store
  5. Auto Responsive
  6. No extra fee for customization
  7. 24/7 Support (Sometime Announcement bar did not show perfectly because of theme structure just ask in our support)

Advance Free Features

  1. Set the specific style for mobile using this you can adjust the size and color for the mobile announcement bar
  2. Repeated Countdown time
  3. Schedule display
  4. Attractive Animation
  5. Targeting by geolocation
  6. Targeting by user source targeting, ref, utm_source, etc
  7. Targeting by page type and other advance filter
  8. Targeting by mobile or desktop
  9. 20+ In/out Animations

Two Type of animation for Multi Announcement Bar

  • Slide animation

    • For this animation we have 20+ In/out Animations style
    • You can Animation time between two slide
    • You can set Autoplay playtime for slide
  • Text animation

    • In-text animation only text slide, not a full slider
    • This animation is good when you have the big text and you want less height for bar ideal for mobile bar
    • For setting we provide Space between slides, Autoplay Time and Background Color

All Different Type of Announcement Bar

  • Countdown bar (Improve conversion rate)

    • Show offer with countdown timer
    • Here we have one feature like Auto-repeat countdown bar. This automatically starts again once finished so you can set a small time like (10 min or 1 hour) to show urgency to the customer
  • Free shipping bar (Improve conversion rate and average order value)

    • Let’s say you set up Free shipping for orders over $100
    • Then if your customer add in cart $20 item then it’s change message to Only $80 away from free shipping
    • Once the customer adds $100 worth of product to the cart then it’s change the message to “Congratulations! You have got free shipping”
    • This is just an example you can customize all messages and styles based on your branding.
  • Promotional Bar & coupon bar (Improve conversion rate)

    • Normally Using this bar you can show different coupons to the bar
    • Customer can copy coupon just click on the coupon
    • This bar can help you to improve conversion rate and average order value
user review

user review

Set different message based on page type

Set different message based on page type

Perfect Responsive announcement Bar with Slider

Perfect Responsive announcement Bar with Slider

Perfect Responsive announcement Bar with Slider

Perfect Responsive announcement Bar with Slider