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Connector for the 4Psite cloud based order management system

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Automated Order Fulfillment

Automatically capture orders from your stores & channels. Efficiently fulfill them via 4Psite's robust shipping and/ or dropshipping module.

Centralized Inventory & WMS

Benefit from 4Psite's central Inventory Manager and eProcurement solutions! WMS included for efficient and accurate picking processes

Ample Reporting & QuickBooks

Extensive and dynamic reports allow you to monitor KPI metrics, vital financial & operational information. Fully integrated with Quickbooks!

4Psite centralizes your Shopify stores, as well as other marketplaces, into one fully integrated order management system allowing for streamlined processes. We support over 40 different carts and channels, a manual orders system, wholesale orders, and a basic POS system. You can perform all store operations through our system including shipping, dropshipping, inventory and purchasing management, CRM, listers and feeders, QuickBooks integration, and much more. Whether you process a few orders a day to a few thousand orders a day, our platform streams all of them.

Benefit from extensive features:

  • Seamless integration with multiple stores & marketplaces
  • Automatically pull your store catalog
  • Auto-capture orders in real time
  • Easily ship/ dropship orders and notify store on shipping confirmations
  • Capture funds automatically on shipping events
  • Inventory level updates feed back to Shopify and other channels
  • Options and kits support
  • Built-in Fraud Alert Tool
  • CRM module, providing automated notifications to your customers &/ or your team
  • Advanced WMS & Purchasing management
  • Wholesale, manual orders & quotes support
  • Listers & Feeders for the main marketplaces and search engines
  • Dozens of Reports for optimum business intelligence
  • Feed orders & POs to QuickBooks
  • EDI solution provider for top-tier vendors & dropshippers and for markets like Lowe's, Home Depot etc.
  • Efficient 3rd party integrations like Authorize.net, TaxJar, Clover, Square, ShipStation etc.
  • and much more.


Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Product Catalog

Product Catalog