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Find the right influencers
Find the right influencers

Search, find and evaluate relevant influencers globally, based on performance data, audience data, recent brand collabs and more.

Collaborate with influencers
Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate efficiently through APPRL’s gifting tool, messaging, and set individual CPO and CPC commission rates for your influencers.

Track & optimize ROI
Track & optimize ROI

Track the performance in sales, traffic and spend of your content in real-time broken down per influencer, channel, product and more.

What is APPRL?

APPRL is an all-in-one influencer marketing solution made for e-commerce brands. Our world leading technology enables your brand to grow by increasing the sales and ROI of your influencer partnerships, while saving you lots of time through our suite of tools.

APPRL Shopify Integration

The APPRL Shopify app streamlines the configuration and onboarding for APPRL connected e-commerce. The app installs the APPRL sales tracking on your Shopify store and exports your product catalogue to APPRL. This enables functionality such as compensating influencers on a cost-per-order basis, track sales and understand what type of products work best with specific content creators. If your store is not already connected to APPRL, you need to get in contact with us at before you can benefit from installing the APPRL Shopify app to your Shopify store.

How does APPRL work?

We’ve developed a proven method for e-commerce brands to maximise the ROI of their influencer partnerships, enabled by our tools:

  1. Find the right influencers - Based on performance data and audience insights
    • Global influencer search
    • Influencer recommendations
    • Influencer insights
    • Import your own influencers
  2. Collaborate efficiently - Tools that allow you to increase the output of your team
    • Commissions & budgeting
    • Messaging
    • Product gifting tool
    • Payout management
  3. Track & optimise to maximise ROI - Shift your budgets to top performing influencers
    • Real-time content tracking
    • Real-time sales data
    • Optimise budgets
    • Export data

To get a full overview of APPRL, please book a product demo at the APPRL website with one of our customer success representatives.