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Psychographic Segmentation

Your audience is segmented by machine learning, providing deeper insight and understanding of your high-value customer.

Marketing Recommendations

Easy to follow guidance for personalizing sales and marketing communication for each customer segment.

Customer Feedback

Valuable insight into customer satisfaction, where you succeed as a retailer, and where you need to improve.

Utilising the power of AI and cognitive psychology, AudienceZen provides a deep understanding of how your customers think.

Our psychographic segmentation compliments traditional behavioural and demographic methods. It recognises and tracks the instinctive decision-making routines of your customers, providing easy-to-follow marketing recommendations through our EDM campaign builder, ensuring you are communicating with your customer in the most resonant manner.

Through the benefit of psychographics, you can increase customer acquisition, engagement, sales, and retention.

Optimised ROI

Optimised ROI

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Customer Insight

Customer Insight