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Refer a Friend & Get Discount

Generate traffic to your store and boost retention with referral rewards. Lower your customer acquisition costs significantly.

Scalable Affiliate Program

Increase repeat sales by rewarding influencers who bring you new business, and incentivize new sales by rewarding new referrals.

One-click Setup

Turn your customers into your brand advocates with branded rewards & loyalty program. Increase the customer lifetime value of your store.

Set Up Referral Program in 1 click

Turns your customers into ambassadors. Get them to refer and promote your brand to their friends, family, and acquaintances! Encourage word-of-mouth and offer incentives to new referred customers and reward them for bringing in successful referrals.

Reduce acquisition costs effortlessly

Reach new customers through your existing customers and cut back on customer acquisition efforts.

Customize rewards amount

Pick suitable rewards to meet your brand requirements and customize the program that matches your marketing goals.

Easily add a loyalty and rewards program to your Shopify store

Getting your first Automizely loyalty and rewards program set up, designed, and launched is easy, fast, and hassle-free. No technical expertise or extra page is needed.

  1. Motivate your customers to refer a friend with eye-catching popups.
  2. Send unique referral links to advocates via customized reward emails to bring in additional sales
  3. Reward advocates who bring you new business and referrals with easy-to-copy coupon codes.
  4. Create a sense of urgency with a rewards expiration date.

Reward advocates and referred friends smartly

With Automizely Loyalty expand your brand reach and build a solid brand image by rewarding your loyal customers and new customers intelligently. Offer,

  • Percentage off
  • Fixed amount
  • Free shipping
  • Free product

Grow your business with scalable affiliate campaigns

Reach a broader audience by partnering with influencers who are ready to promote your products to their dedicated set of audiences.

  • Reward influencers with commissions and free gifts.
  • Reward referred customers with discounts.
  • Track affiliate campaigns performance and sales generated via an intuitive dashboard.

Insightful referral campaign analytics

Measure the health of your referral campaign and track its progress towards achieving your marketing goals with actionable insights and data.

Create and manage influencer lists

Keep track of all your influencers in one intuitive dashboard. Add influencers manually or bulk import influencers to a list via a CSV file.

Build stronger partnerships with outreach emails

  • Send bulk invitation emails to find the right influencer for your marketing goals.
  • Communicate the campaign offer for influencers as well as for referred friends
  • Have a clear overview of your total targets, sents, clicks & views.

Drive new sales and retain existing customers

Increase sales by rewarding both your advocate and referred customers. Customers are more likely to make repeat purchases on your store with redeemable rewards.

Reliable customer support

Our team is available 24/7 via live chat to help our users set up their first referral program in minutes and grow business.

Set Up Powerful Referral Programs

Set Up Powerful Referral Programs

Build Customizable Rewards Programs

Build Customizable Rewards Programs

Launch affiliate campaigns

Launch affiliate campaigns

Send email invites to influencers

Send email invites to influencers

Automizely Loyalty admin page - referral program

Automizely Loyalty admin page - referral program

Automizely Loyalty admin page - Influencer list

Automizely Loyalty admin page - Influencer list