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1 unified app to save effort

Replace multiple marketing apps with just one. Use email, SMS, popups, bars, recommendations & get campaign insights on a single dashboard.

Automated flows that scale

Segment audience and build personalized, automated flows for emails and SMSs based on customers’ shopping behavior to maximize engagement.

Easy-to-use, no-code tools

Drag-&-drop editor, pre-built templates, & growth toolkits help you focus on what matters to your growth. No tech team or expertise required

Automizely Marketing is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that empowers brands to drive leads, customer engagement, and sales with the help of world-class sales and marketing tools via one intuitive portal. On top of email and SMS marketing, Automizely Marketing serves merchants with other advanced tools like AI-powered product recommendations, countdown timers, and promotional bars to create interactive experiences that are proven to drive sales. What’s more, all these tools are ready to be used with minimal effort and without technical expertise or assistance.

Easy-to-use email templates

Build branded behavior-specific emails quickly with pre-built and fully-customizable templates, content blocks, and a flexible drag-and-drop editor.

Automated flows to drive sales on auto-pilot

Instantly trigger personalized emails and popups based on your customer’s contact information, shopping behavior, and browsing history. Save time and effort with automated email flows, including welcome, price-drop, and ‘happy birthday’.

Popups and forms for every marketing goal

Build and auto-trigger behavior-specific popups and forms, including welcome, exit intent, upsell, spin-wheel, and cart recovery popups. Select a theme from pre-built templates or create your own.

SMS marketing for improved engagement

Send automated follow-up texts, notify them about new products and recover abandoned carts through SMS. Enjoy a broader geographic coverage across North America and Europe.

A/B testing for better campaign performance

Improve your campaign performance by easily A/B testing your content variables, workflows, and funnels, automatically delivering winning content to the right audience.

Built-in CRM for better segmentation

Use the built-in CRM to create relevant and meaningful customer segments based on customers’ shopping behavior and history. Send them personalized product updates, discounts, and offers to drive more sales.

Centralized hub for multiple tools

Say goodbye to installing multiple 3rd-party apps. Find the best marketing no-code tools—AI-powered product recommendations, countdown timers, inventory countdowns, and delivery estimation—all in one portal to create engaging shopping experiences.

Complete growth toolkits to minimize effort

Set your business for success with the complete marketing toolkit. Designed with years of eCommerce marketing expertise, Automizely Marketing’s step-by-step growth toolkits allow you to focus on expanding your business rather than the know-how.

Intuitive dashboard for informed decision making

See how your campaigns are paying off. Optimize campaign performance with real-time performance analytics like open rates, conversions, and click-throughs from one dashboard.

Build effective customer segments

Build effective customer segments

Captivate customers and boost sales

Captivate customers and boost sales

Dynamic forms for maximum conversion

Dynamic forms for maximum conversion

Texts get more revenue than email

Texts get more revenue than email

Targeted personalization

Targeted personalization

Automizely Marketing admin

Automizely Marketing admin