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Smart FAQs popup for customers

Organize all FAQs into one single place. Track orders and provide instant answers, help customers save time and focus on shopping

Fully customizable widget

Easy to customize widget layout to match your brand identity. No technical requirements

Multiple Contact-us options

Integration of quick Contact-us methods: WhatsApp, Phone call, Message, Contact Form

AVADA FAQs is a helpful tool that automatically addresses customers’ common concerns and issues without store assistance.

Benefits of AVADA FAQs

  • Provide a smart, instant and helpful FAQs popup for customers to track their orders and find popular questions.
  • Offer resolutions to clients’ common and urgent problems 24/7.
  • Customers can get quick support through multiple Contact Us methods in personalised cases.
  • Build trust, and boost customer experience and conversion rate.
  • Decrease the cart abandonment rate and sales loss due to late responses.
  • Reduce popular queries and cut down customer support time in half.

Full features

Order Tracking

Show the Order Tracking functionality for customers to track parcels without asking for help.

FAQs Report

Help Shopify stores manage FAQs easily by showing the question and category number in the FAQs report.

Unlimited FAQs categories

Allow e-businesses to create immense queries and FAQ categories. Hence, they can give readers full and clear information.

Highlight featured categories

To place emphasis on important information, AVADA FAQs app provides the highlight function on main categories. Customers can access these categories on popup or Helpdesk quickly instead of searching them around.

Edit questions

Add more, edit, or delete common questions with ease. Admins can also stress out any query and show them on the Articles block.

Contact us methods

Various Contact us methods for 24/7 LiveChat support (WhatsApp, Phone call, Message, Contact Form).

Popup Widget

  • Stunning themes for FAQs popup and Help Center.
  • Create FAQs widget to show anywhere.
  • Flexibly customizable widget (text, color, icon, alignment, etc.), advanced settings, and Instant preview of the FAQ popup before publishing.

Display FAQ page

Customize FAQ page and add FAQs link to Main Menu or Footer.

Help Center (Helpcenter, Help Desk, helpdesk)

Create unlimited FAQs

Create unlimited FAQs

Customizable widget

Customizable widget

Multiple contact us options

Multiple contact us options

FAQ page

FAQ page

FAQs Widget on store frontend

FAQs Widget on store frontend

FAQs on mobile

FAQs on mobile