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Delightful Subscriptions: Build-a-box, Shuffles, Addons, +more

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Increase Conversion & LTV
Increase Conversion & LTV

Subscriptions make purchasing convenient and automatic for your customers. Our advanced tools help make the decision to subscribe easy.

Sell More, On Repeat
Sell More, On Repeat

With build-a-box, shuffles, and intelligent add-ons built in, we help you sell more the first time, and before each recurring order.

Premium Customer Experience
Premium Customer Experience

Fully integrated with Shopify Payments and Checkout. Passwordless login and thoughtfully designed portal designed to retain and engage.

The Awtomatic app (Previously Bundle Subscriptions) empowers you to easily add subscription options to your products and is fully integrated with Shopify’s native checkout. Our powerful toolset helps you

  • Convert more users to subscription with advanced features like dynamic discounts
  • Sell more through bundles, build-a-box, and shuffle features that work out of the box
  • Engage customers and harness expansion revenue through intelligent add ons
  • Delight your customers with a premium subscription management experience.

Installation and setup is completely free. Payment plans begin once you’ve launched subscriptions on your online store.

Migrating from ReCharge, Bold or another app? Our quick and painless process will move your users over without requiring payment re-entry or downtime.

Convert, Sell and Retain more

Awtomatic’s flexible subscription tools make it easy to convince customers to subscribe for convenience and discounts. Convert more and automatically get higher LifeTime Value by delivering a delightful customer subscription experience.

Our customer portal is not only easy to use and beautiful, but our intelligent add-on feature continuously highlights new products your customers can easily add on or swap in. Unlock the power of dependable and growing monthly recurring revenue.

Build-A-Box and Shuffles and Bundles, oh my

Subscriptions can be a personalized and engaging experience that helps you sell more, give your customers the ability to try all of your products, and turn a transaction into a relationship. You shouldn’t need 20 apps to deliver the best end-to-end subscription experience - just use this one.

Easy Operations

Easily manage everything about a subscription right from the app. Edit discounts, shipping, products, frequencies, order dates, customer information, subscription status with ease.

Inventory issues? We got you covered. Use our inventory settings to determine whether or not orders are placed when your inventory numbers are out.

Want to offer free shipping? We’ll do you one better. Define a full shipping profile and apply it to any subscription plan you create. Define zones and rates that match your operations and pricing needs.

Don’t worry about failed payments. We’ll automatically follow up with customers with best practice dunning management.

24/7 Customer Support

Our tools are built to easily integrate with your existing Shopify store, but we offer 24/7 customer support to all of our merchants. Whether it’s setting up your first subscription or maintaining your store, we’re here for you.