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Fast & Reliable

Every business Needs a fast reliable service. AyMakan is just what they need. Covering Saudi Arabia with our own fleet of cars.

Better Partner Experience

AyMakan provides special account manager for each account. This helps improve our partners experience with fast responses.

Better Consignee Experience

AyMakan provides live tracking, multiple ways to reach us, and flexible delivery times.


With the official Aymakan integration for Shopify, your customers can quickly opt for Aymakan services. AyMakan will deliver their orders within Saudi Arabia in a fast and reliable way. Activate track and trace to issue a tracking link with every order. Your customer will then receive the link with their shipping confirmation. Also, your customer can update the delivery address, reschedule and track their shipments using our official Chat bot.


  1. Provides integration with Aymakan to create, cancel, track and update shipments.
  2. Configure module by just login into the module using Aymakan Credentials.
  3. Once the order is placed and ready to be fulfilled, it will be available in Aymakan module. where you can ship the order by just a few clicks.
  4. Airway bill download link will be provided to print the AWB.
  5. Tracking number and tracking link will be added to the order.
  6. Shipment status will be automatically updated once any updated at Aymakan.

Before You Start

  1. Contact the sales team to create an account at Aymakan.
  2. Once the account is created and you receive the credentials, install and login to the module. The module will fetch all the integration related configuration from Aymakan.
  3. Configure the Collection address and then you will be ready to use the module.
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