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INK+ALLOY - Wholesale
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5 Jan. 11, 2022 This app has made a big impact on our business. We launch new products seasonally and don't want our customers to have to wait to purchase them until they are in stock. Jesse quickly helped us work through any kinks that we had and resolved them quickly to help us begin selling our product in a smooth way that also makes it easier for us to fulfill on the backend. Would absolutely recommend it! Support is excellent.
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5 Dec. 17, 2021 Amazing Developer to work with, one of the best I have worked with. Understands the need of the customer, always on time, always on point. I highly recommend!
Our Daily Bread Publishing Canada
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5 Oct. 25, 2021 This app is necessary! If you deal with preorders / backorders in any way (or have been hesitant to do so), get this today. You can let your customers know up-front when you expect the product to ship while still generating sales; and you can help your fulfillment team -or individual- properly manage these orders (splitting fulfillment to ship in-stock items first or holding the entire order until all ordered products are in). Most importantly, the developer is very attentive and shows a genuine interest in your store's success. If you are looking for an app for a very important business need, this is it!