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Automate Customer Support
Automate Customer Support

Offer the best automated support experience available using AI and rule based methods. Escalate conversations to live human agents anytime.

Drive Sales
Drive Sales

Every customer interaction is a sales opportunity. Help customers find something they want 24/7, 365 days a year.

Know your Customers
Know your Customers

Bavard provides detailed analytics on all customer interactions. This helps you identify problems and react quickly to customer needs.

Bavard AI

Bavard AI provides sophisticated, AI-powered chatbots to help your company do business better. Our bots can perform the following key action for your customers.

  • Answer FAQs.
  • Check the status of orders.
  • Search and filter products.
  • Perform automated dialogue flows.
  • Collect forms data.
  • Escalate conversations to live human support agents.
  • Play images and videos.
  • Offer discounts.
  • And much, much more.

Save Time and Money

Customer support at scale is costly but important to keep your customers loyal and to maintain your brand's reputation. Modern virtual agents, aka chatbots, offer an advanced yet intuitive solution to reduce the volume of support cases that you need to deal with personally. For the majority of cases where self-service is possible, chatbots provide faster support to customers than human agents, which is ultimately what customers care about most.

Bavard chatbots have advanced capabilities seldom seen in other chatbot solutions. They can help your customers check their order status, cancel an order, search for products, look up information in a knowledge base, and answer FAQs using AI.

Drives Sales

Every customer interaction is a sales opportunity. By engaging customers in conversation, virtual agents can generate leads, aid in product searches, offer discounts, and more. These automated interactions can boost sales without any additional effort on your part.

Conversation Analytics

All conversations are logged and analytics reports are produced giving detailed, actionable information such as number of conversations, average duration and length, histograms of user intents, user sentiment, and chatbot actions, forms metrics, and time series data.

Better yet, based on all the user messages that your chatbot failed to understand, Bavard can automatically make relevant suggestions for new intents, FAQs, and knowledge base data.

Conversation analytics gives you a high-level view of your customers which can help identify the most common problems that they face. It can also reveal strengths and weaknesses in your own products, and areas to focus on to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Live Human Interactions

Any Bavard conversation can be intercepted at anytime by live human support agents via the Bavard Message Center. Get notifications directly in Slack when customers request to speak with a human so you can jump in as needed to give the best possible support experience.

Setup Instructions

To get started, simply install the app on your store and complete the setup wizard to publish your first Bavard chatbot. After publishing, a script is automatically added to your store which loads the chatbot for your customers to interact with.