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Setter Closet
Google | Lucky
5 Oct. 18, 2021 The team at Bavard has been super helpful and available to answer our questions and help us get set up. Chatbot installation was quick and easy using their app on the Shopify App store and their team has worked with us every step of the way to continually make enhancements and keep things running smoothly. We like that the bot can answer customers’ FAQs and get them connected with my team to chat live whenever the escalation is necessary. There is a lot of flexibility in creating the response paths and we have gotten a bunch of leads from adding the bot that we likely would have missed otherwise. We are really happy to have found a chatbot that works well for us first go. Thanks Bavard!
Bavard AI
Google | Lucky
5 Aug. 28, 2021 We used this app on our store site and it's the best chatbot we've ever interacted with. It can answer FAQs, do conversation flows, handle forms, product searches, check order statuses etc. The live chat experience is also really good, and we get chat notifications directly in Slack in real-time. Most importantly, we see lots of positive interactions with it from our customers. Highly recommend!! The Bavard team will also build out your chatbot for you if you contact them, which is super convenient. They're working on new integrations to Zendesk and FB Messenger as well and we're looking forward to that.