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Tweet new products
Tweet new products

Get more exposure on Twitter by automatically tweeting newly published products.

Drive traffic to your shop
Drive traffic to your shop

Get more visitors to your shop by automatically sending a welcome message on Twitter to every new follower.

Reward retweets with discounts
Reward retweets with discounts

Grow your presence on Twitter by automatically sending a discount code to anyone who follows or retweets you.

Get more exposure for your products on Twitter

Automatically tweet about new products published to your shop with simple, easy to set up, automated workflows.

Invite new Twitter followers to your shop

Get more visitors without lifting a finger. Automatically greet new Twitter followers with a call-to-action to visit your shop or check out your latest product.

Reward people who talk about your brand

Reach more potential customers by rewarding people who engage with your tweets. Birdflow will automatically message people discount codes, product links, or a simple thanks, if they retweet, like, or reply to your tweets.

Incentivize use of your hashtag

Get your hashtag trending by rewarding people who reply to your tweets with a hashtag of your choice.

Post tweets to Facebook and Instagram

Birdflow can send pictures of your tweets to Facebook and Instagram. Promote your shop on Twitter, and an image of that tweet can be sent directly to your own Facebook and Instagram accounts using one of our image templates.