Dead Simple Blog Sync

Automatically copy blog posts & articles to multiple stores

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Simple Set-up

Invite a shop, accept the invite, and you're good to go.

Set it and forget it

You only need to write your blog posts in one place. The posts will automatically get pushed to your other stores daily.

Works with new & updated posts

Need to change a post title? Fix a typo? Hide it completely? All of your updates are applied automatically to their corresponding copies.

Automatically copy your blog posts from one store to as many others as you want

Have a business that has multiple international stores? Looking for a way to automatically post news & important updates to all of your stores at once? Want a solution that's so easy, a caveman with e-commerce experience could do it?

Look no further than Dead Simple Blog Sync! The app that syncs your blogs!

Dead Simple Blog Sync is the easiest way to keep your blogs in sync across multiple stores. Choose one store to be the "Parent" and connect as many other stores ("Children") as you want. That's it. This app will handle the rest.

What does it do?

  • Allows you to easily connect one store to multiple others
  • Copies all new and updated blog posts from the Parent store to all connected Children stores

What does it not do?

  • This app is meant to be non-destructive, so deleting blog posts on one store won't automatically delete it on other stores.
  • Additionally, the app doesn't get rid of blog posts on Children stores that don't exist on the Parent. This can actually be useful if you have one store that manages general blog posts (like news and updates) but you want Child stores to have their own one-off blog posts (like country-specific information).

Customer Support & Updates

We're readily available to answer your questions, solve any problems, and work on new feature ideas you might have that would improve your experience with Dead Simple Blog Sync.

We value your privacy

The only information that this app gets from your store is the blog content. It doesn't have access to your customers, your products, or your personal details. We only ask for the essentials so that you can keep your data secure.

Connecting shops is as easy as a copy/paste and a click

Connecting shops is as easy as a copy/paste and a click

Once connected, the syncing of your posts is done automatically

Once connected, the syncing of your posts is done automatically

Works with new & updated blog posts

Works with new & updated blog posts