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Block by Countries/Regions/IPs

Prevent visitors from certain countries or with specific IP addresses from accessing your store.

Countries/IPs white list

Visible your store only for selected Countries/Regions/IPs where you want to do business.

Redirect Customers by Geo IP

Automatically redirect visitors from a particular country to the local version of your store based on their Geolocation IP.

Reduce fraudulent orders, chargeback disputes, and unexpected international shipping issues by restricting visitors from specific countries and preventing them from accessing your store!

Block by Countries, States, Cities

After installation, the app blocks visitors from the Countries/States/Cities you choose, preventing them from accessing your store.

Country Whitelist

If you only want to sell your items in certain regions, you can whitelist the countries/states/cities where you want to do business. Visitors from areas not on your whitelist cannot access your store.

Geolocation Redirect - Redirect Visitors By Their Country

Auto redirects your visitors based on their Geo IP Location. Redirect visitors to correct local stores based on their region.

Block by IP Addresses or IP Ranges

Some visitors continue to visit or place abandoned orders repeatedly maliciously? Now you can block their access by blocklisting their IP Addresses or IP ranges.

White List IP Addresses

You can also add trusted customers' IP Addresses/IP Ranges to the whitelist; the whitelist has the highest priority; customers in the whitelist will be able to visit your store no matter whether they are in the blacklist or not.

Detail Visit Logs and Analytics

Record details visit logs in your store, you can know every visitor’s IP, Country, visited page and visit time, with these information it’s very easy to detect suspicious visitors and block them.

Redirect to a known URL

You can redirect blocked users to a particular website as needed, or use our default 404 not found page.

One-click installation

No technical knowledge is required at all to install and use this App. It will immediately start working after the installation.

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All-in-one Blocker

All-in-one Blocker

Country Blocker

Country Blocker

IP Blocker

IP Blocker

Geolocation Redirect

Geolocation Redirect

Visitors Analytics

Visitors Analytics

All in one blocker that protects your store safely and easily

All in one blocker that protects your store safely and easily