The easiest way to have your team pick, pack and fulfill

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Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Simply install the app and your pick and pack lists are automatically created and updated. Easy to use and no training required!

Never Double Sell
Never Double Sell

Get items off the floor and ready to ship so you don't accidentally sell the same product twice! Check inventory while picking.


Track what order is in what state so there is no confusion between team members. Get your orders out quickly, correctly.

Preparing and shipping orders becomes more difficult the more people you have doing it.

Items have to be taken from store locations and off the floor in brick and mortar stores and keeping track of what package is picked or packed requires lots of communications, white boards and hand written notes.

Bodegacat, the friendly Shopify app helps keep your shipping working smoothly. After installing Bodegacat your orders are automatically synced allowing you to quickly pull the right quantity of items into a shipping area. Then you can use our packing flow to make sure the right items are going in the right places.

  • Automatically Create Pick and Pack Lists
  • Highlight oldest orders
  • Make sure to get the right items for the right orders
  • Easy to use interface
  • Tablet, Phone and Desktop compatible
  • Works with Shopify POS