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Points, rewards & loyalty
Points, rewards & loyalty

Award points to your customers for various events, then customers redeem rewards with points . Change store visitors into loyal customers.

Easy to setup & manage
Easy to setup & manage

Just take few steps to setup and provide easy-to-read graphs and charts help you to measure and manage your points program.

Boost new & repeat sales and R
Boost new & repeat sales and R

Watch your customers spend ROI grow with results you can trust, accurately tracked via your shopify integration.

The Awesome Program

We provide a One-stop service that you can easily set up and manage your points & rewards program. Join us now and build an engaging points & rewards program to grow your business. A points and rewards program gives you a fun way to engage with your brand every time and boost your business profitability and helps your brands connect their customer.

Points & Rewards

Customers can earn points for actions like signing up an account, placing an order, and we keep working on providing more ways for your customers to earn points. Set up many rules to manage the rewards your customers can redeem with points they have earned. Additionally name your points alias to match your brand.

Pop-up Rewards Panel

An colorful rewards button and pop-up panel that float left on your store help your customers convert faster. Support to set up logos, banner images, theme that match your store brand. Why Boom? Customer loyalty = Word of Mouth = Boom your business.

Coming Features

  • Refferal points program
  • Pop-up customization
  • Deadline for points
  • Points reminder for your customers
  • More statistics on dashboard
  • More...