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SEO Boost
SEO Boost

Google Search engines loves schema. Improve your rankings on google with rich snippets.

Increase CTR
Increase CTR

Get more visitors. Increase your Click-through rate by showing specific rich data in search listings.

Increase Traffic
Increase Traffic

Increase Your Organic Traffic and Your Visibility on Google Now.

Why does your store need a perfect working SEO schema in your store?

  • moz.com says - Studies show that having a rich snippet can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 677% and drive 20-40% more traffic than product links without them
  • Example If you are getting 1000 visitors from google. if you enabled rich snippet and then it will increase your traffic by 20% to 40% means 200 to 400 visitor increate that give you 5-10 sales more every month. With an average order value of $50 you can make $250 to $500 more). ROI 5X to 10X. it's every month.
  • Let's say if you are getting less traffic from google right now. if you think that does not provide you good ROI. But if you enabled rich snippet right now that helps you in the long run because as you know SEO will take time and the same as schema. So, if not fix the schema right now then you in a loss.
  • business2community.com says - Around 90% of consumers will read at least one online review before they buy online. Adding reviews to your product schema is a great way to boost shopper confidence.

Why one-time fixed price?

Because the schema is the one-time solution. once you fixed your schema then you don't need to worry about it unless you make a big change to your theme.

All Different types of rich snippets provide by our app

  1. Product Rich Snippets
  2. FAQ Rich Snippets
  3. HowTo Rich Snippets
  4. Logo Rich Snippets
  5. Local Business Rich Snippets
  6. Breadcrumb Rich Snippets
  7. Search Rich Snippets
  8. Article/Blog Rich Snippets
  9. Carousel Rich Snippet

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What are Rich Snippets for SEO?

Rich Snippets for SEO is an app that enables Rich Snippets for your store, products, product reviews, blog articles, and social media profiles.

It allows search engines to add snippets of information to its search results which will make your store stand out from the rest.

What are the benefits of enabling Rich Snippets?

There are following benefits of enabling Rich Snippets such as:-

  • Eye-catching results
  • Potential CTR increase
  • Providing 'quality' results
  • Increased rankings
  • Product reviews in search results

How long will it take for Rich Snippets to show in search engine results?

It can take several weeks, sometimes up to 11 weeks for search engines to analyse your Rich Snippets and index them into its search results.