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Bulk Product Editor with Unlimited 1-Click Rollback

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Save Hours with a Single Edit
Save Hours with a Single Edit

Easily change Price and Compare Price for multiple products at once. Add Promotional details to product titles and change descriptions.

Unlimited Rollback
Unlimited Rollback

Undo changes, and revert back to old prices, title or description with a single click.

Easy Filtering
Easy Filtering

Apply edit to whole store, specific collections or selected products.

Bulkly is a Simple Product Editor That Saves You Hours of Manual Work

Running an e-commerce store can be as tedious as it gets. Bulkly intends to take out some of that tediousness by making bulk product edits easy and seamless.

Bulkly bulk product editor is a simple and reliable tool to change prices, compare prices, add to the product title, change the description for multiple products easily. Specify the change you want to make, select products and we'll handle the rest.

Unlimited Rollback

Revert the modified prices to what they were before you changed them at any time with 1-click. This is especially useful for normalizing the prices once the sale is over or should you change your mind for whatever reason.

What you can do with our app?

  • Set new prices for products in a specific collection
  • Set new prices for products in the whole store
  • Add promotional titles to products
  • Change the description of multiple products at once

How it works?

  1. Specify which changes to price, Compare at price, Add to Title, and Description fields you want to make.
  2. Select where to apply changes: whole store, selected collections, selected products.
  3. Enter new values and update them to your store.
  4. Rollback previous changes after a promotion or if you change your mind about the edit.