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Easy and accurate fulfilment when selling bundles online!

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Improve packing/shipping time and accuracy with our automated software solution. With Bundle Shipper "BUNDLE1" becomes "1xSKUa+1xSKUb+1xSKUc


Based on sales of any bundle in the app, Shopify Bundle Shipper will automatically sync the inventory of the individual items

Edit Orders & bundle contents
Edit Orders & bundle contents

Bundle Shipper allows you to edit orders and bundles AFTER an order has been placed on your store and received

The Bundle King solves the whole bundling workflow problems:

  • Ability to create bundles from your existing products

Solution: The Bundle King app let's you create bundles from your existing Shopify products in two simple steps.

  • sync products from your store ( gets auto synced every 2 hours )
  • Create a new product in Shopify store and mark it as bundle in the Bundle King app.

  • Automatically sync inventory whilst selling bundles. Solution - Bundle King, lets you automatically reduce the inventory for each component that exist in your bundle.

  • Edit orders in single step, to attach the bundle information passed to your fulfilment centre.

You can select Order > Edit Order. This would pick the bundle breakdown and amend it with Shopify using line item properties.

Breakdown bundles into individual components for easy & correct packing


  • Automatically split out bundles for CORRECT packing e.g. "BUNDLE1" becomes "1xSKUa+1xSKUb+1xSKUc" for your packers to complete
  • UNLIMITED bundles available (clients include Shopify stores doing over $75k sales per day!!)
  • Sync Shopify Products within the app for QUICK & EASY set up
  • Create NEW bundles with breakdowns in real time
  • SEAMLESS communication between you and your packers
  • Easily edit bundles in REAL TIME
  • Automatically sync your bundles through Shopify Products
  • Automatically sync individual Product stock within Shopify
  • EDIT orders or bundles AFTER order received
  • Create bundles from Draft Orders WITHOUT Shopify Plus!


  • SAVE time explaining new bundles or packing processes to packers
  • SAVE your packers time and effort remembering bundle contents
  • ELIMINATE mistakes arising from incorrectly packed bundles
  • SAVE manual work adjusting stock against bundle sales
  • Quickly EXPERIMENT and test new bundles with no packing errors
  • IMPROVE packing efficiency immediately
  • Improve fulfilment SPEED and ACCURACY
  • Easily ship CUSTOMER SERVICE replacement orders containing bundles
  • STREAMLINE customer service and packing communication
  • Improve customer HAPPINESS and RETENTION with better service and reduced packing errors