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Become more Sustainable

Our platform uses science-led data models to estimate CO2 emissions based on your orders and shipping.

Offset your Emissions

Take responsibility and compensate for your CO2 emissions by funding Gold Standard Certified Emissions Reduction projects around the globe.

Tell your customers

Show your customers that your store takes sustainability seriously - our shopping cart plugin confirms they chose a responsible store.

Net Zero Now

With Earthchain's Carbon Intelligence app for Shopify stores you can take responsibility for the carbon emissions of your sales and shipping.

  • Automatically estimate the CO2 emissions of every order - both the item and the shipping
  • Compensate for the emissions by funding Gold Standard certified emissions reduction projects
  • Show you take responsibility for people & planet using our fully customisable shopping cart theme extension

How it Works

Earthchain's platform uses information about your store and your order flow to estimate CO2 emissions. We do this using a set of data models applicable to over 600 different retail sectors and product types.

If you choose to offset your carbon, you fund Gold Standard certified projects around the globe which not only reduce CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere, but provide other benefits for the community - aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Quick Setup

The setup process is quick and easy - a few clicks and you're already taking action.

Flexible & In Control

The Carbon Intelligence app is fully configurable, and you can change your settings at any time. You choose your own compensation level and which emissions reduction projects to support - putting you in control of the cost of climate action.

Make a Difference

Taking responsibility for people & planet is the right thing to do. But it's often difficult to know where to begin. The Carbon Intelligence app gives you a starting point to take action immediately. As our app learns more about your store, more insights and tips become available to help you reduce your emissions.

Tell the World

Talking about your approach to sustainability can be a minefield. You might be worried about greenwashing or how to talk about the action you're taking. With Carbon Intelligence you can be confident that your Climate Action is science-led - using our platform's methodology to estimate emissions - and compensating for those emissions via our platform means you are supporting Gold Standard certified projects - the most robust and trusted impact registry on the planet. As we learn more about your store, our app provides badges, graphics, content and certificates you can use to tell the world about your efforts.

About Earthchain

Earthchain is a climate technology company based in the United Kingdom. Our missions is to help brands to help their customers to live more sustainably. We provide technology for retailers and financial institutions to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. We're signatories of The Climate Pledge, and we're on the way to becoming a certified B-Corp.

Choose your own emissions reduction project bundles

Choose your own emissions reduction project bundles

Manage your costs by setting your compensation level

Manage your costs by setting your compensation level

Checkout extensions shows customers you take responsibility

Checkout extensions shows customers you take responsibility