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Removing Carbon with Every Online Purchase

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Payments with purpose
Payments with purpose

Payment infrastructure app for internet business that lets businesses and customers give back to the planet.

Easy set up
Easy set up

Native integrations for Shopify, BigCommerce WooCommerce and Magento.

Customers see their impact
Customers see their impact

Customers pick their % contribution and get a confirmation email showing their impact.

What is Carbon Pay Checkout and how carbon neutral purchase works?

It’s an easy to implement plugin that educates the consumer on the true cost of purchasing an item for the climate and how to pay a climate conscious price to offset the carbon. Merchants can Create CarbonPay account select their E-Commerce Inventory and CarbonPay will dynamically create a new Climate Conscious price for each item in the inventory. Now, in every e-commerce transaction a customer can select a Climate Conscious price and the CarbonPay helps offset the carbon with it’s network of Carbon Offset non-profits. Carbonpay has a very transparent business model, whenever a customer donates for offset, CarbonPay deducts 45% of offset amount as CarbonPay fee and donates the rest 55% to the Carbon Offset non-profits.

CarbonPay helps merchant enable consumers have an option to change each one of their order carbon neutral with Carbon Offsetting by donating to nonprofits with highest net carbon neutral efforts. Even 45 days CarbonPay deducts amount from each merchant to direct amount to nonprofits with highest net Carbon Capture efforts. Instead of building a dedicated pipeline that costs 100's of thousands of dollars CarbonPay handles end to end of Carbon neutral purchase with one single app installed.

How much does it cost?

Merchant: $0

Customers: 1-2% of cart total