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Quick and easy setup

Works with every theme. Back in stock, price drop button automatically added to product pages. No coding changes required.

Back In Stock Revenue

Recover lost sales with abandoned cart notifications. Engage with potential customers with back in stock, abandoned cart and sales alerts.

Full Customization

Customize notification message, display notification in any language. Optimize notification delivery. Create Custom segmented Campaigns.

Don't miss out on lost sales with Back in Stock, Abandoned Cart & Price Drop Push, Email & SMS Automation

CartBite is an all-in-one marketing automation tool for a back in stock, abandoned cart, and price drop notifications through Push, Emails, SMS Notifications. Engage with your customers based on actions taken by them when they visited your store. Our powerful automation techniques help you make more sales by sending out abandoned carts, back-in-stock, and price drop notifications.

Customers can subscribe for being notified for out of stock or when there is a price drop on their favorite product by simply clicking on subscribe button.

Automation Campaigns

Abandoned Cart

Sends custom notifications to customers who left the cart abandoned in the store. Edit notification message or add a coupon code to nudge them to complete the purchase

Back in stock

Allows your customer to subscribe for items that are currently out of stock. Automatically send notifications to subscribed users once the product becomes available again.

Price Drop

Allows your customers to be subscribed for receiving notifications when there is a price drop on a certain product. Increases conversion as they have already shown interest on the product.

Shipping Notification

Send notification to subscribers when the order is shipped and share the tracking URL for easy tracking of their orders.

Custom Campaigns

Send tailored messages to drive first-time customer sales, build strong relationships, and announce sales and discounts to all or custom segmented audiences.

Custom Segments

Segment audience based on how they interacted with your store, geo-locations, or their purchase history.

Customer Service that makes a difference

Stuck Somewhere? Just message on in-app chat support and we will help resolve any questions right on time.

Abandoned Cart Automation

Abandoned Cart Automation

Back In Stock & Price Drop Automation

Back In Stock & Price Drop Automation

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Push Notification Edit

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