Recover Your Abandoned Cart Sales with SMS Marketing

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SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery
SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery

Potential customers abandon their cart, that means additional revenue is left on the table.

Abandoned Cart to Sales
Abandoned Cart to Sales

With our tech SMS, you should be able to convert abandoned carts into sales. We can offer discounts and compel users to take action.

Expert 1-on-1 Care
Expert 1-on-1 Care

Not only are we experts in SMS marketing, but we're also marketing & sales experts. Reach out to get assistance and generate sales today.

Gives Your Shopify Store SMS Superpowers

CartConvo empowers Shopify store owners with robust SMS marketing and cart recovery services. SMS marketing is the fastest-growing acquisition channel and is becoming the king of ROI for all Shopify stores.

Is email outdated?

  • Open rate for email is decreasing year over year
  • Click through rate for emails are lower than ever
  • Open rate for SMS is much higher
  • Click through rate for SMS is promising
  • Many potential shoppers abandoned cart, e.g., if you made sales today, most likely top-line revenue was left on the table because of abandoned checkouts

That being said, email is not gone. We believe that you should take advantage of all acquisition channels, but you should be shifting all efforts ensuring that you have a proper SMS welcome series, abandoned cart, upsells, and BFCM strategy in place.

CartConvo has tech-powered SMS marketing that sends targeted messages straight from your abandoned carts directly into your customer’s phones and converts them into revenue. We use our app for retargeting your abandoned cart sales to provide support via text message. Upsells, subscriptions, checkout, and cart recovery can all be utilized over SMS/text.

CartConvo - Targeted text messages for increased revenue

CartConvo uses historically proven messaging to help your eCommerce stores recover abandoned carts over SMS. Several apps utilize email to recover your abandoned cart, and you will at times get some customers to buy and buy with emails. Still, it’s hard to beat CartConvo’s SMS abandoned cart recovery close-ratio.

Everyone on the team at CartConvo owns or has owned several Shopify stores, so we know that we’re too busy to sit there and text every abandoned cart.

Let us do what we’re good at so you can spend time on more important things than chasing every lost cart in the parking lot. CartConvo’s software will SMS every lost sale so you can hear the beautiful CHA-CHING Shopify sale notification.