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No Registration Required
No Registration Required

Cartkeep does not require shoppers to log in or register before saving a cart.

Install and Forget
Install and Forget

Super easy to set up, with no coding or setup is required. Simply install the app, and that's it!

Save & Share Multiple Carts
Save & Share Multiple Carts

Customers can quickly save and share their carts via publicly accessible and unique URLs, with or without logging in.

Cartkeep does not require shoppers to log in or register to save a cart.

A saved cart has a publicly accessible unique URL to quickly share across popular social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, or simply via email.

No Registration or Logging in Required

Cartkeep does NOT require a user to log in or register first to save a cart. It's strongly recommended not to ask users to register or log in to use the Save function in the cart. Not only do shoppers avoid registration as much as possible, but even if they do begin to register to keep an item for later, that process derails the checkout process.

Install and Forget

Cartkeep is super easy to set up, with no coding nor configuration required. Install the app, and that's it! Your Shopify store automatically creates save and share cart links to the shopping cart. Others can use the shared cart link to add more items to the cart. The app fully integrates with the most popular store themes with no extra configuration.

Save, Manage, and Share Multiple Carts

Customers can save multiple carts and modify the saved cart at any time. Out of the box, Cartkeep supports popular Shopify shopping cart types, including cart drawer/slider and pop-up cart. Customers who log in across multiple devices will find their saved shopping cart waiting, ready to complete their orders.

Shoppers' Shopping List

Based on recent research by NNGroup that adding to a shopping list meant "I definitely want that," whereas adding it to the cart meant, "I might want that." Most shoppers preferred to save products for later by adding them to their cart first. By removing the 'Login Wall,' Cartkeep allows shoppers to create and share multiple carts as shopping lists, all without losing all the work they did to find products of interest.

Wishlist as Pre-Created Carts

In Cartkeep, your shoppers can quickly request a gift by sending their shopping cart to friends and family. Sharing a pre-created shopping cart can lead to more potential customers visiting and buying from your store.


A shopping cart is not just a shopping cart: it's also a form of external memory, a tool that allows users to remember and easily access items of interest. In Cartkeep, shoppers can use the saved cart as a holding area to compare items, save products, or even share with others while shopping or for later sessions.

About Cartkeep

Cartkeep is a fledging cart app specialized in anything related to Shopify shopping carts. Via innovation and creativity, we are committed to delivering the best shopping cart experience for Shopify stores to help you sell more!