Smart AI chatbot to automate IG/FB communication & sell more

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Ecommerce Experienced Chatbot
Ecommerce Experienced Chatbot

Start using Chatbrain to engage your audience and convert them to buyers. Reacting to your customers’ behavior Automatically! Measure KPIs.

Multi-Channel Support
Multi-Channel Support

Instagram and Facebook to automate and reply 24/7 for the most common and frequent questions. Manage everything in one place.

Built-in CRM
Built-in CRM

Sort your customers by their intentions, happiness, and dozens of other filters. Broadcast to customers who are stuck in your funnel

Chatbrain is a constantly awake assistant always ready to help your customers, engage them with attractive offers, and handle their support queries - 24/7 x 365.

Create a more personalized and interactive experience for your shoppers and increase sales

Chatbrain bot is always ready to start communication with buyers and works sometimes even better than an alive person. It engages them in the discussion, asks them for sending pictures of your goods, suggests to them a personal unique discount code, describes your brand and how you stand out from others. Everybody should be familiar with your donations and charity and how you help to make our world better.

Chatbrain understands the mood and Happy2buy behavior

No sense to suggest some products when your buyer is not so happy at the moment. But our bot can recognize their intentions and works in depends on their sentiment. It switches to the alive operator in critical moments.

Reply to your customers’ queries instantly and increase sales

You don’t need over-expensive human support. Let’s teach the Chatbrain bot and it will respond to your customers’ queries when you’re not able to. Many customers would like to get a response at least in 5 min and no more. Chatbrain helps them with their questions in 10 sec.

Omni-Channel communication

Since you can feel the power of Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Media. Especially you should be familiar that so many people bought something because of what they saw on Instagram. Only recently we became available as an Instagram Approved Automation service. So the right time to start using it.

Intelligent CRM to manage your customers

All the communications from all channels are collected in one place to handle it from the panel where you can filtrate them by date period, sentiment, and Happy2Buy index, sort them by different tags, that the AI bot defines during the dialog with each buyer. You can find there any communicated person, open the relative dialog and continue the dialog manually.

Easy to set up

You need only 15 min to make the initial settings with our smart Wizard. It contains a great many years of experience, but quite simple to use. So you can start working very soon. But you are not restricted to it. And after some first practice, you can improve the scenario, adding more and more steps. Or even you are available to modify and make a pretty complicated scenario using the Chatbrain Visual Editor, using different menus, tags, triggers, conditions, and content.