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Boost your Average Order Value
Boost your Average Order Value

Run your highest converting offers by Upselling products with One-click Upsell on the checkout page, to increase your Average Order Value

Advanced AI Upsells
Advanced AI Upsells

A powerful AI engine with advanced targeting provides customers with segmentation based on attributes, to generate smarter recommendations

Ease of One-click Upsells
Ease of One-click Upsells

Increases likelihood of customers accepting a one-click upsell offer, without re-entering credit card information for a hassle-free checkout

Increase Average Order Value and drive Revenue growth using Upsells and Promotions

Checkout Upsells and Promotions is a powerful AI engine that allows you to create relevant and compelling recommendations on your checkout page using Upsells and Promotions. For merchants, current customers are the most valuable potential market, and upselling is a far more profitable way to grow your business than having to acquire new customers.

Checkout Upsells and Promotions is powerful, effective and versatile. It is your go-to solution for everything you may need to increase your average order value (AOV) and meet your revenue goals.

AI Recommendation Engine

Relevance is key in upselling. Our AI algorithm keeps track of customers and their needs to ensure you are making relevant recommendations that will enhance your relationship with them.


Keep track of revenue generated by upsells and promotions, order attributes, visitors and their actions using our analytics.

Live Support

For us, it is all about providing the best possible experience for you in accomplishing your goals. Talk to our support team via in-app live chat to have any questions answered.

We support:

Automatic AI Upsells

A powerful AI engine to generate the right upsells to the correct customer at the proper time.

One-click Upsell

Upsell has never been easier. One-click button to add an upsell to the cart.

Unlimited Promotion Views

No cap on the number of views. You pay a fixed amount per month. No sneaky or hidden charges.

Single & Multiple products Upsell

Add multiple products as upsell with the mini cart.

Visual Promotion Builder

A feature-packed editor to build your favourite promotions.

Advanced Targeting

Target customers with our extensive list of triggers so that the right customer sees relevant upsell offers.