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Increase sales effortlessly! One click post purchase upsells.

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Increase average order value
Increase average order value

After the buyer has placed an order, offer appealing upsell offers and increase your AOV!

1-Click Post Purchase Upsells!
1-Click Post Purchase Upsells!

Enable customers to add relevant products to their order and pay for them with just a single click!

Works seamlessly with Shopify
Works seamlessly with Shopify

Checkout Hero works beautifully with Shopify's checkout, regardless of the theme that you are using. No configuration is required.


The greatest time to offer an upsell to a customer is right after checkout, when they have already paid for their order. That's the moment when a customer is most open to adding something extra to their order that compliments the products they have already bought.

Using Checkout Hero, you will be able to show beautiful post-purchase upsell offers to your customers. Checkout Hero will integrate with your store seamlessly, regardless of the theme that you are using.

Can I increase my sales using Checkout Hero?

Absolutely. Once you install the app and create a few upsell offers, you are all set. Customers will be able to add upsell products to their orders with a single click!

Can I offer discounts on the upsell offers?

Yes, discounts are crucial in convincing buyers to add products to their order.

Ok, how do I set it up?

It's straightforward. Just install the app and start creating upsell offers. That's it!


  • Upsell offer that shows up after a buyer places an order
  • Define rules that will show an upsell offer
  • Offer discounts on upsell products
  • Supports products with multiple variants

Features coming next week

  • Upsell analytics
  • See a preview of what your upsell offer would look like
  • Advanced targeting rules

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