Incentivize customers to share about your brand on social

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Collect Instagram handles
Collect Instagram handles

Add a field to collect handle. Our plugin is static so it doesn’t impact page load time.

Inspire customers to share
Inspire customers to share

Set guardrails on the maximum reward and our AI will take care of the rest.

View content & engagement
View content & engagement

Clado rewards your customer within 2 days of sharing content.

Turn superfans into your best marketing channel yet

Clado means relating to a branch or branching. Clado empowers brands to branch out and reach their target demographic through authentic and relatable word of mouth marketing, spearheaded by their brand’s superfans.

Connect your customers to their social persona

Clado lets you capture the Instagram handle of your customers on the cart page before they checkout.

View your customers and orders that include an Instagram handle

Clado's panel lets you view the orders and customers who have included their Instagram and provides you with an option to offer cashback or a future discount to your customer.

Measure the performance of the content being shared by superfans

Our dashboard will be a powerful tool to understand who your customers are beyond their email and name. This will link you to their Instagram account so you can better understand who your superfans are.

Repurpose the content for your marketing channels

We let customers know that you, the brand, have the ability to repurpose the content for your future marketing collateral.