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Advanced Smart Search
Advanced Smart Search

Extremely intuitive! Unlock the true potential of your data. Replace your default search engine with a fast, private and convenient one

Same Page Display
Same Page Display

Quick as a flash! Display search results in a way that rewards users & without being redirected. Easy to install

Elite Search Engine
Elite Search Engine

The product that most matches the search is the first to appear. Instant search helps to find any kind of data quickly and efficiently

Make customers quickly & easily find what they are looking for!

New Advanced Features

  • Boost sales of specific products by making them appear as the top result of customers' searches
  • You have the option of keeping your default theme search icon

Accurate and suggestive product and collections searches encourage customers to buy faster.

This app will radically change the search experience of your online Shopify store.

Why do I need this App?

Incredibly Fast, Find Results as You Type

  • Suggestions & autocomplete! Regardless of your product catalogue size, what really matters is how fast they are shown to the user
  • Search by title, description and also by tags
  • This app allows to show not only products but collections in the search. The product and collections results will show up so fast that you won't even notice

Predictive Search Engine

  • Search is a conversation! a dialogue between user and system. Buyers type, view, and buy, so an intuitive and fast search engine always helps
  • Relevant item showed first
  • If your potential buyers find what they are looking for, then they will be happy, you will be happy, and we will be happy too

Styles Customisation

  • Customisation is a great business strategy. Adjust the app styles with just a few clicks to adapt to your store‚Äôs look
  • Advanced options for the search are available

Compatibility with The Most Popular Themes

  • Display search results in a way that rewards users, whatever your store theme, thanks to the consistent app approach, balanced detail and diversity
  • The widget allows you to go to the theme search results page

Unique Customer Service 24/7

  • Customer-centric
  • We know speed matters, especially when it comes to customer service. Our support team is always glad to help you quickly and efficiently

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