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Allow users to select variants & buy items on collection pages

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Impulse Purchases
Impulse Purchases

Reduce shopping time & make your store more profitable by making it easier for customers to add products to their carts

Increase Conversion Rate
Increase Conversion Rate

The easier it is for your customers to add products to the cart...the more likely the sale conversion will be

Speed Up Shopping Process
Speed Up Shopping Process

Easily add products to your cart from collection pages. Engage and motivate buyers by quickly adding new products to their shopping carts

Boost your sales while reducing shopping time by adding an 'add to cart button' in every product on collection pages.

Make It Easier for Your Customers

Make the shopping process at your store easier! Including 'Add to cart' buttons on collection pages will speed up the checkout process for your customers.

Prompt Customers to Purchase

Allowing products to be added to the cart directly from collection pages helps increase sales.

Simple Integration

This app is fully integrated with all devices for the most popular Shopify themes.

Quick as a Flash

Simplicity and lightning-fast page load speeds are our greatest strengths, and both features are possible to reach with the help of our efficient development infrastructure.

Styles Customization

Customization is a great business strategy. Adjust the app styles with just a few clicks to adapt to your store's look.

Plug and Play

The app will be installed in your store easily. No coding or template modifications are required. It is fully and smartly integrated with the most popular Shopify themes, so no additional configuration is required...The easier, the better!

Unique Customer Service

We know speed matters, especially when it comes to customer service. Our support team is always glad to help quickly and efficiently.

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