Boost conversions, reduce abandonment and engage customers

37 Email templates (Store design)
53 Product bundling (Sales and conversion)
81 Timers and counters (Store design)
83 Creating urgency (Sales and conversion)
160 Order recovery (Sales and conversion)
186 Sales analytics (Sales and conversion)
386 Inventory management
457 Reporting
458 Reporting
1348 Sales and conversion
2168 Store design
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Higher Conversion Rates
Higher Conversion Rates

Engage and re-engage customers with alerts, countdowns, stickies, and more. Drive more conversions and revenue with all apps in one pack.

One App, Many Functions
One App, Many Functions

Easily replace all the stand-alone apps you need to optimize your business operations and customer experience with many apps in one package.

Increased Customers and Sales
Increased Customers and Sales

Automate your redundant manual tasks. Attract new and repeat customers, boost sales, and increase profitability with all apps in one.

CommerceXpand is a one-stop replacement for many stand-alone apps to manage different aspects of your business. This many-apps-in-one package brings you a collection of various Shopify apps to simplify and optimize your store operations, and drive customers.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

Add to Cart Sticky

Drive instant purchases with an attractive Add to Cart sticky. Shorten the checkout process with a Quick Buy button on all products, to make shopping easier, faster, and more engaging for customers.

Back in Store Alert

Notify customers immediately on the product availability. Re-capture the customers leaving your store due to product unavailability, with engaging subscription buttons. Send out custom back-in-store email alerts to your subscribers and re-invite them to purchase.

Abandoned Checkout Manager

Keep a constant check of abandoned carts and recoveries. Create custom reminder emails to send to customers who abandoned carts at the checkout. Schedule auto-sending of reminder emails and compare recoveries with preceding periods to track recovery progress.

CountDown Manager

Use the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy to drive more purchases in less time with a countdown manager. Create a countdown timer and customize its color, text, and placement to appeal to customers and drive more sales.

Boost Store Revenue

Product Bundles

Boost your upselling with product bundles. Configure several product bundles and enable one or more of them to display to customers. Change the number of products in bundles, customize bundle appearance, and show original and discounted prices to encourage instant purchases.

Bulk Product Editor

Say goodbye to manual product updates. Apply filters to find the products or categories you want to edit in bulk. Change tags, types, inventory, compare at price, and other product details to show updated and accurate information to customers. Track the status of bulk-edit tasks and choose to revert any edited task in real-time.

Enhance Browsing Experience

Image Optimizer

Speed up your store with image optimization and boost SEO. Optimize alt tags, filenames, other image attributes, and compress images. Optimize images manually or in bulk in the background and track the progress of on-going optimization processes. Personalize optimization by pre-defining patterns for alt tags, file names, etc. View analytics of optimized images centrally to track the process.

CommerceXpand is a combo of many apps in one to help you enhance your operational efficiency and customer engagement. All these apps work seamlessly together and support all the standard themes.

Abanoded Checkout

Abanoded Checkout

Bulk Product Edit

Bulk Product Edit

SEO + Image Optimizer

SEO + Image Optimizer

Product Bundle

Product Bundle

Count Down Timer

Count Down Timer

Back In stock Alert

Back In stock Alert