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Compare products by custom options. Product comparison table

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Product comparison table
Product comparison table

Let customers compare products and understand the pros and cons of products

Compare by custom options
Compare by custom options

Make it easy for customers to grasp the key differences between products. Describe only the main benefits of products

Reveal product fully
Reveal product fully

Show product benefits in a positive light. Group compare options and highlight the best values

Comparable - Compare Products for Shopify

Comparable Products app allows your customers to compare products and choose the best one from them. The app saves your customers time by helping them to figure out the difference between products.

Why do you need to use Comparable as your product compare app?

  • With the Comparable app, you can compare products both by default product data (like price, product compare at price, type, vendor, options, tags) and by CUSTOM OPTIONS that you can configure in the app.
  • The app shows to customers product differences grouped by criteria and highlights the best values.

Compare products by custom options

By default, if you are using product options, you can only set three of them for each product. Usually, it is not enough to describe a product fully when compare. Using our app, you can use as many options for each product as you want. Because of that, you can show your customers all the pros and cons of the product. It will be easy to detect the real differences between products in a comparison table.

Product comparison table

Comparable has a lot of configurations regarding the comparison table. There are no restrictions on the number of products when comparing. So customers can compare as many products as they like at the same time. Also, users can add products to the cart from the comparison table without leaving this page.

Highlight the best values

Sometimes it can be difficult for customers to read all the information of each product to understand in which categories this product is the best. In this case, the Comparable Products app highlights the best values with another color. It can help customers differentiate products more easily.


Another way to improve the scannability of product options would be by grouping attributes in sections. Using groups, you can change the structure of the comparison table and show similar comparable options together.

Boolean options

In case the option can be present or not for different products, you can mark it as a boolean in the app. Instead of showing default text values for each option, the Comparable app shows icons for boolean options.

Product comparison chart

Using the Comparable app, you can put a chart with comparison data on the product page or any other page. Thus, you can use the comparison table also as a "Technical specs" table in the product description.

Do not limit yourself to only using product compare by Shopify's standard data.

In conclusion, using our app, you can provide your customers the option to easily catch the pros of each product and find the most suitable product in less time.