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Convert more high value customers using predictive analytics

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Predict customer behaviour
Predict customer behaviour

Convert Dial uses artificial intelligence to predict every customer's future behaviour - either shop, engage or lost

Understand customer value
Understand customer value

Convert Dial's algorithms identify and track the value of every customer - high, medium or low

Optimise conversions
Optimise conversions

Convert Dial helps you to engage, convert and retain your customers with confidence, and track your success

Predict customer behaviour with Convert Dial

  • Convert Dial helps eCommerce businesses convert more high value customers for less by using artificial intelligence to predict customer behaviour
  • Find out which customer is ready to shop and which one you are about to lose before it happens, not after

How it works

  • Sign up on the Convert Dial website
  • Install the Convert Dial app on your store
  • Connect your other marketing platforms
  • Wait 24 hours while we set up your customised insights dashboard
  • Your dashboard will now update everyday automatically
  • Look out for our daily emails with the top insights and actions for your store

What you get

  • The Convert Dial artificial intelligence engine automatically segments every customer and subscriber by their behaviours and their value to your store
  • It then predicts the customer's behaviour and classifies them by their anticipated journey - shop, engage or lost
  • Convert Dial also recommends next steps you can take to drive engagement and conversions
  • You can test different conversion strategies to choose the best path for your store

Why you need Convert Dial

  • Easy to set up and does not use any tracking codes or cookies
  • You own your own data
  • Works with your existing platforms and marketing tools
  • Export insights to use across other tools