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Drive sales & Traffic, Create Auto Ads using customers data

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Your ads on autopilot

Don't waste your time building ads, build your campaigns in 1 click, build the campaigns that Drive high ROAS based on data and insights

Retarget or get New Customers

Find new customers, Retarget all your previous visitors, Up-sell or Cross-sell all this covered in Convertedin

Customers and Catalog Insights

Convertedin will segment customers and products to find insights use the insights to create better ads.

Convertedin AI tailored customer ads

Convertedin is an Ai Ads Platform built for non-technical users runs ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat it Builds a comprehensive view of each of the retail customers and power the auto-pilot remarketing experiences.

Why Convertedin?

  1. Unleash retailers' full marketing potential with intelligent algorithms.
  2. Equipping retailers with proper tools to create crazy ad campaigns with 5X better ROI.
  3. The platform is designed to help retailers' run better ad campaigns, optimize ads to increase their ROAS,
  4. Ability to leverage data and information to take the advertising game to the next level.

How does it work?

  • Connect your store data: Connecting your store data by installing this app.
  • Connect social destinations: Connecting social destinations i.e Facebook, Google
  • The app Segments unique audience groups: Engine starts segmenting customers based on their activities and their habits
  • Bundle-up audience and lookalike audience: Engines start syncing customers to your social destinations creating a look-alike audience.
  • Prospect and remarket on autopilot: The AI engine starts creating campaigns, recommending products to potential customers dynamically
Converted.in store analytics and performance view

Converted.in store analytics and performance view

Converted.in Campaigns that are created through ready templates

Converted.in Campaigns that are created through ready templates

Converted.in Segments comparison

Converted.in Segments comparison

Converted.in Audience groups  view

Converted.in Audience groups view