Cross Device Cart

Synced cart across all of your customer's devices.

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Incredible customer journey

Your customer's days are splitted across all of their devices. Providing a cross device cart will make your customer journey really easier.

Work like magic

Completely transparent for your customer. His cart is sync between all his devices, without popup or change to your site.

Ready in a minute

Absolutely 0 setup. Just click on the “Add app” button on this page and see it work instantly. No more, no less.

Don't let your customer any chance to lose their cart. A simple way to optimize your customer journey, make your conversion rate higher and maximize customer retention in your store.

By making the cart persistent between all the devices your customer is logged in, you ensure that he can retrieve every single product he loves in just one click.

Have you already tried the Amazon cart? Did you already feel these magical things, when you take your smartphone and retrieve the cart you made on your laptop? That is exactly what this app does: brings magic to your store and enhance your customer happiness!

How it works?

  1. As soon as your customer is logged in, his cart is saved by the app.
  2. If he switch to another devices, his cart is restored and he can continue to shop through your store without any friction

Want to try?

  1. Install the app.
  2. Go to your store, and login to your account (like any customer will do).
  3. Add some product to your cart.
  4. Take your smartphone, go to your store and login to the same account.
  5. Your cart is synced.

Loved by Customers & Store Owners. Customers love when you make their life easier. If they have a good time in your shop, they will get back and spread the words to their friends. When was the last time you had a chance to improve your customer journey in just one click?

Amazon is always a step ahead when we speak about e-commerce. If they build a persistent cart, that’s for a good reason: they earn more money.

What are you waiting for to add it to your store?

A synced card in Cross Device Cart

A synced card in Cross Device Cart

A synced card in Cross Device Cart

A synced card in Cross Device Cart

Installation video

Installation video